Friday, November 18, 2016

Site Report–Water Bitcoin

2016-11-19_102225Water Bitcoin was a bitcoin faucet site. you can see form their web title. i put it into my [ Faucet Watchlist ]. it's a quite simple site. that you can just use your bitcoin wallet address to signup. and claim every 1 hr. every time you claim the amount will enter your balance. and you need at lest 6000 satoshi to be withdraw.

that's mean you have claim at most 26 times. about 2 more days. before you can withdraw.

one thing to be note. just like they sister site [ Play Bitcoin ]. that is when you withdraw they will ask your email. and send a verify mail to you. you need click link on the email. to verification your email address. then you can get the payout.

2016/11/20 : luck today to get 1000 satoshi. the most higher in this site.

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