Monday, November 7, 2016

Site Report - GoldSmugglers

2016-11-08_103720 Gold Smugglers was a bitcoin game site. that in my [ Watch List ]. in this game you have to work earning gold. and use gold to buy some stuff for rent or for sale, to earn more gold.

you will spend 1 point of energy for every 5 min of work. and there will recover 0.59 energy per hour. so you can work up to 8 hours a day.

there also have a gold market that you can buy or sell gold to get more profit. i guess that is where you change your gold to US$.

and you can open your own company or buy stock of those companys. there have many type of company can choose.

it's seem you can do many things on this game. but we do care about the withdraw. yes you can withdraw to bitcoin wallet (withdraw limit is same cost 10 US$).

can we really take the money, well! let's see ...

2016/11/09 : buy a Cigars.. But it’s seem not worth.

2016/11/08 : work list

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