Monday, November 7, 2016

Site Report - Crypto-City

2016-12-11_001647 Crypto-City was a bitcoin game site. that in my [ Watch List ]. it was a simple game. there are not much to say. you will have a building in the beginning. and it will give 1 satoshi per sec. up to 500 satoshi will stop add untilate you claim it.

you can buy other building to increase your profit.

minimum withdraw limit is 5000 satoshi for now, at this speed i guess first withdraw will be soon.

2016/12/10 : became Scam!

2016/11/11 : they stop the free building. nor more free.

2016/11/10 : 16th times received payout. it’s getting harder, they change rule every day.


2016/11/09 : 9th times received payout.

2016/11/08 : Now Change withdraw limit to 10,000 satoshi, and getting slow now. the eight times withdraw.

2016/11/08 : received 7th times. each times about 5-6,000 satoshi.

2016/11/08 : it’s only take 1 hr to reach 5,000 satoshi. and success withdraw, received at XAPO wallet.

2016/11/08 : Helicopter send the collect coin.

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