Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bitcoin EOBOT Daily 2017 07 24

Hi! I am six2cube. I am a Digital currency collector and miner. This Site's goal is minimax spend money to get the Digital currency and mining Digital currency. site link: I am working on it. but because of low budget. I cannot do it all time. so it's slow. Hope it can be useful!

It only takes less than 10 minutes per day. we can easily collect our own Bitcoin. and collect dogecoin、Litecoin to exchange them to Bitcoin or mining power.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

How to begin use EOBOT

2017-01-02_001112How to begin use EOBOT. I spend some time to findout how EOBOT work. and even Deposit the Bytecoin that i dig from i will share here for every body.

2FA key

After you sign up. you will get a mail to confirm your email address. it's importand. because EOBOT will send 2FA key by mail every time you log in.

Free Dogecoin
Every day you log in EOBOT. you will receive 1 Dogecoin for now. i am not sure will they change it or not.

Free Faucet
GHS 4.0Miningthen you can go to Faucet once a day. you can setting which kind crypto currency you want in Account Page.

ExchangeSince we want to mining. we will need Calculate power. more power mean more speed to mining.
So! my suggest is setting it became Mining : GHS 3.0. (you can choose GHS 3.0 or GHS 4.0 Now) then go to the Faucet. you will get about 0.125 GHS 3.0 every day. (0.02 GHS 4.0 Now)

Why choose this? Because, if you choose another crypto currency. but your Calculate power is 0. then there will nothing can be mining.