Saturday, November 25, 2017

75 mm M8 Scott Tank Destroy - Domination Jungle

if you like what i am doing. Please Subscribe me and like and Comment to help me do more: Do you like war thunder. and not a premium user. Please join me fighting together. Play game free: 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Tank Destroy - Domination Jungle - War Thunder 2017 The M8 "Scott" is a Rank I American tank destroyer with a battle rating of 2.0. It was introduced in Update 1.67 "Assault". In General, the M8 Scott plays like a beefed-up M5A1. The massive increase in gun caliber and destructive potential means that enemies the light tank previously have difficulty killing are now potential one-hit kills. Like the M3/M5 Stuart, playing this tank aggressively will almost always guarantee a place on the leaderboard. Push for the cap and then take it without hesitation. Should an enemy get there first, enter the cap and flank the target. Get behind their turret and go for a kill shot in the turret rear. Once the capture point is held, find a good hull down position and use the 75 mm HEAT to destroy any and all oncoming tanks. The 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 was a self-propelled howitzer vehicle of the United States developed during World War II. The 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 was assigned to the Assault Gun Troops of Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons in order to give them close support against enemy fortified positions. The high elevation (40 degrees) of the howitzer was useful for hitting enemies emplaced on the sides of hills. The M8 was used in the Italian Campaign, the Western Front, and in the Pacific Theater of Operations by the US Army and on the Western Front by the French Army. It was also used by the French Union and State of Vietnam during the First Indochina War. It stayed in French service until the 1960s and saw service in Algeria. ---------- I'm playing in free mode with low equipment. so I'm more careful when I playing. especially using heavy Tank. and look for the advantage place. try not be the duck in the game. So if you are not a premium user like me. maybe something useful can help you. I won't speak at film because I feel it may be too noisy at playing. but if you feel it's too boring really need some voice please let me know.

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