Monday, October 31, 2016

Site Report - Cow Keeper Coin

2016-11-02_190640 Cow Keeper Coin was a bitcoin game. that in my [ Watch List ] ,

First you have to get the daily bonus. then go to buy a Cow. and then goto food storage, buy food. at begin can only buy 1 hours food. same as at water tank, buy an hours water. the keep back before 1 hours limit. otherwise your cow will be dead. same as mine.

If you came back just ontime. then goto warehouse sell meat and milk. i don't get why you can sell the meat? don't ask. then try to loop again. keep eye on the food and water.

Then upgrade food storage and water tank to save more foods and water. then again the loop.

If you want make high profits product. sausage or  cheese. you need deposit to their address to exchange their cow coin. to buy ingredients at market.

They also set many limit for withdraw. such as you need reach 5000 cow point to withdraw.

So if you want to play it for free. It may take long.

2016/11/28 : great! they have come back. back online again.

2016/11/26 : it’s not very good for these days. can't connect the site. will they back again?

201611/02 : At last Withdrawal success 20000 Satoshi. and received after 10 min.

201611/02 : It’s over 3 days and they still say refunded, please try later.

201611/01 : Still say refunded, please try later. i think they probably scam.

201610/31 : Just as i say, it really take long. form 2106/09/30 to now. finally we reach 5000 cow point. and make payout request. But sadly they say refunded, please try later. I hope it’s was real not scam.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Site Report – MultiMine

2016-10-31_003541 MultiMine was a cloud mining site. that in my [ Watch List ]. When you regeisted and login, you will get a Miner called [ Starter Miner A ]. and it can mining 0.00005000 BTC/day. but it Max. Capacity is 0.00002500 BTC,

That mean you have claim before reach the Capacity limit. Otherwise your Miner will stop mining. This Miner will Expiry after 90 Days. that time you need purchase a new Miner to Mining again.

There have many type Miner you can choose. But you need calculate the profit and how many time you want spend.

Their note:

September 24, 2016: We have reduced the withdraw fee from 0.001 down to 0.0005. And we have also reduced the minimum withdraw amount from 0.005 down to 0.001. This will enable all users to reach payment faster.

2016/10/30 : At last we reach the withdraw limit. and make a payout request. Unexpected the receive is very fast. about 1 min.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Site Report – BitHot

2016-11-01_075916 BitHot was a HYIP site. that in my [ Watch List ].

Before you go something you need to know : 

1.HYIP is High Yield Investment Program which was very High Risk. Need very carefully and don't spend too much on it.

2.All my deposit is from my two free faucet list. XAPO List and FaucetBox List. So beware yourself.


This site has three plan:

1. 3.0% per day, 0.125% per hourly , Forever
    Release deposit after 1 day
    No any withdrawal fees
    Initial deposit back anytime
    ฿ 0.001 - ฿ 5

2. 4.0% per day, 0.1666% per hourly , Forever
    Release deposit after 1 day
    No any withdrawal fees
    Initial deposit back anytime
    ฿ 5.0001 - ฿ 30

3. 16.0% per day, 0.1666% per hourly ,Forever
    Release deposit after 1 day
    No any withdrawal fees
    Initial deposit back anytime

    ฿ 30.0001 - ฿ Unlimited

2016/11/01 : Shark Found. only 6 days.They no longer payout, already scam! So you can see how risk is it.

Site Report - Claim BTC

2016-10-29_204604 Claim BTC was a Faucet Site, that in my [ Watch List ]. This site is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 183 satoshi every 20 min . Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of satoshi selected from the range from 50 to 183.(lower then before).

Once you sign up and provide your email address and your bitcoin addres, all your earnings will accumulate in your account.

Another interesting things is after each bitcoin claim you'll have an opportunity to get a bonus. Bonuses may either speed up your faucet or improve your faucet in various ways. Don't forget to use your bonus once you receive it.

Their minimate withdraw was 20 000 satoshi. Once you reach 20 000 satoshi you may withdraw the funds. You will need to confirm your withdrawal through email.

2016/11/02 : After waiting 5 days. we received the payout.

2016/10/29 : we reach 20000 satoshi. Now i begin withdraw.
I withdraw twice but still can not remember receive confirm email ever. Ok! now we have to wait.

Friday, October 28, 2016

That's we call time is money.

CAPO-Faucet-ListThat's we call time is money. If you can Claim more fast then you can get more free bitcoin.

Day after day we wake up. seem every day was the same. actually every day was different. they change every days.

google adsense suspended faucet site account. Faucetbox payout became more longer time. some ads site was dead.

I wanted Maybe oneday we wake up. there will no longer exist free bitcoin.

Anyway This two List is begin from i used to quick claim these Faucet site


Daily ReNew XAPO Faucet List

Daily ReNew FaucetBox List

and i keep it not too much site on this list. just about 10-15 min can finish around. but very slow computer maybe need 20 more min. if you have time you can claim many round a day.

These Site will change rule sometimes, or out of fund, don't remove them from the list, unless they cannot connect, or wait several days still not work. otherwise they will back soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Site Report - CryptoShare

2016-11-30_015553 CryptoShare was a HYIP Site that i put it into [ Watch List ]

Before you go something you need to know : 

1.HYIP is High Yield Investment Program which was very High Risk. Need very carefully and don't spend too much on it.

2.All my deposit is from my two free faucet list. XAPO List and FaucetBox List. So beware yourself.

This site has 3 type Plan.

1. 10% Daily Forever : Min ฿ 0.001 – Max ฿ 300 ,
                                 Ref. Commission 8% / 2% / 1% ,
                                 Instant Withdrawals

2. 12% Daily Forever : Min ฿ 5 – Max ฿ 200 ,
                                 Ref. Commission 8% / 2% / 1% ,
                                 Instant Withdrawals

3. 15% Daily Forever : Min ฿ 10 – Max ฿ 100 ,
                                 Ref. Commission 8% / 2% / 1% ,
                                 Instant Withdrawals

2016/11/29 : today should be made eleventh cash out, but i guess it won't happen. because many place say not received the payout. total survival 30 days.

2016/11/27 : Withdrawal tenth time interest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SCAM Site - MonsterBtc

2016-10-27_131900 MonsterBtc was a another non pay scam site. just like many other site on the [ Watch List ]. they look simple and easy with abnormally high pay rate. and high withdraw limit. I guess they never change this rate.

Those all want you stay claim more longer in this site. because they never want to pay you anything. when you notice this. you have spend many time on this site. and they already get the profit form the banner Ads.

Maybe they are the reason of Google AdSense suspend many Faucet site.

Anyway, they are scam and don't waste time on it.

Site Report–EOBOT

2016-10-27_081348 Eobot was a cloud mining site. that in my [ Watch List ]. You can Mining many kind Cryptocurrency here. basically you will need calculate power to begin mining. your can use mining Currency to exchange calculate power. or Deposit some Currency to exchange.

In case you won't begin. they have a faucet to provide you a few calculate power or Currency that you can choose on left up cron. and also give you a free dogecoin per day if you login.

Their Withdraws are processed immediately. and Minimums: 0.001 BTC, 0.2 ETH/LTC/DASH, 1.0 STEEM/CURE/REP, 10 XRP/XMR/FCT/LSK/BLK/VOX, 100 DOGE/MAID/GRC, 1000 BTS/XEM/BCN, 10000 RDD, 1g GOLD. No miner fees or withdraw fees (but limit of 5 free withdraws per day).

2016/11/17 : bitcoin is rise very fast. now seems mining bitcoin is better.

2016/10/27 : Now the calculate power we have.

How to begin use EOBOT.

I spend some time to understand how EOBOT work. and even Deposit the Bytecoin that i dig from i will share here for every body.

After you sign up. you will get a mail to confirm your email address. it's importand. because EOBOT will send 2FA key by mail every time you log in.

Every day you log in EOBOT. you will receive 1 Dogecoin for now. i am not sure will they change it or not. then you can go to Faucet once a day. you can setting which kind crypto currency you want. you can see them at Account Page.

Since we want mining. So my suggest is setting it became Mining : GHS 3.0. then go to the Faucet. you will get about 0.125 GHS 3.0 every day.
(2016/10/27 change to GHS 4.0)

Site Report - Bonus Bitcoin

2016-11-01_093212 Bonus Bitcoin was a Faucet Site. that in my [ Watch List ]. Paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes.

Also, at the end of each day (around midnight UTC) you will receive an automatic 5% bonus added to your current account balance. They want you made at least one claim during every day. You can play the Dice. Trying to double your earnings.

As your balance more then 10,000 satioshi. You can Withdraw . and no other fee add. All withdrawal requests are processed and paid directly to your bitcoin wallet within 24 hours.(They change to 48 hours).

2016/11/01 : I thought i will never get this payout. but Surprise happen. it received today to my wallet.

2016/10/30 : Today we reach the withdraw limit, and make a payout request, And i don’t know are they still pause withdraw. now all we can do is wait…

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Site Report - gitcoin

2016-10-25_232616 gitcoin was a special Faucet Site. that in my [ Watch List ]. not like most other Faucet Site depend on banner ads. this site don't have many banner and pop ads. they have another way for live.

you can earn free BTC by clicking "Claim Now" every 5 minutes! and you can completed their surveys to earn BTC. you can easily make 100,000-500,000 Satoshi per survey! they say.

Or you can Watch Twitch Streams For Bitcoin! Activate a 50% bonus for each faucet claim while you're watching a stream!

The min withdraw limlt was 10,000 Satoshi. Normally will reach at 2-3 days. if you claim fast, maybe 1 day will reach that.

and they payout very fast. only take about 15 - 30 min you will received payout. direct to your wallet.

2016/11/08 : Reach woyhdraw limit , and make a payout request , and received.

2016/10/30 : After a little delay (about 50 min) received at wallet. It's a little scare.

2016/10/30 : Reach woyhdraw limit , and make a payout request

Site Report - SunBit

2016-10-25_162405 SunBit was a Faucet Site. same as the MoonBit. that i put it into [ Watch List ] . They will slow add amount Satoshi. and you can claim it from 5 min to 1 day. It will stop increade amount at 24 hr.

You can claim it anytime. It very suitable those people don't have fixed time to claim it. and withdraw limit was 20,000 Satoshi. need some time to reach it. but it's worthd.

They have a table of claim rate. you may used.

If you sign in to with a wallet address then all your earnings will accumulate in your account. To cash out your Balance to FaucetBox Account.

2016/12/09 : again to request payout.20948 satoshi. this time we send to ePay.

2016/11/23 : again to request payout. and received at FaucetBox.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Site Report - BitsForClicks

2016-10-25_080254 BitsForClicks was a Surf Ads Site. I put into the [ Watch List ]. Easy and Simple site. This Site been a PTC Site for a long time. PTC site is paid to click adverts and view site. It's about 10 - 20 seconds per Ads. from 84 - 262 Satoshi. There are new adverts every day. and auto move those viewed Ads to already view under the page.

Cashout limit is 15,000  Satoshi. need about 6-7 days to reach this limit. It's about 2000- 2500 Satoshi per day. That quite good to these days. they will paid. but need to wait about 6-7 days to receive.

2016/12/12 : received 16,208 satoshi to wallet.

2016/12/05 : received 15,000 satoshi to wallet.

Site Report - MinerGate

2016-10-24_211135 MinerGate was a mining site. that i put into my [ Watch List ]. Well! talking about the bitcoin. What kind of image do you have? For me mining is my first Images!  You can download the software from this site and install in your computer. Then begin mining by your computer. You can mining many kind Currency you want.

Because my computer is not fast enough. And i need do sevral things in the same time. so i choose the Web mining. Web mining can only mining low difficulty Currency. but it's good to me.

Since i need open computer to do my work. So i choose mining Bytecoin. because it mining more quick and low withdraw fee.  i can open a browser to mining. and do other things. it's take about 3-4 days(not all day mining) easy to reach the withdraw limit : 100 BCN.

Maybe this site can do more things. but it need you to findout..

2016/10/27 : After 5 min, confirm mail was received. and account show the amount.

2016/10/27 : Withdraw BCN then send to EOBOT, It’s getting harder to mining BCN.
We need get the EOBOT’s BCN Address
Then make an Withdraw
Now all we have to do is wait…

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Site Report - Free Bitcoin

2016-10-24_082214 Free Bitcoin was a Faucet Site + Lottery game site. I have put it into [ Watch List ] , you can claim it every 60 min. and it will random payout from 308 to 30.771.598 Satoshi. normally I get 308 Satoshi , 2 free lottery tickets and 6 reward point. you can try their [ provably fair HI-LO game! ] to double your 308 Satoshi, or use lottery tickets to try get more.

If you setting Auto-payouts then when your account balance is over the minimum of 30000 Satoshi. payout will send after weekend. and TRANSACTION FEES will be free. you can  also withdraw manual or you want get pay rightaway. you can withdraw Instant. anyway they pay quickly.

Well every 60 min get 308 Satoshi is pretty good for now. I have get payout from this site several times.

it’s not bad for a faucet site. about 30,000 satoshi per week. and some time maybe good luck to get more.

2016/12/19 : after pending 8 hours. received this week payout. 54,868 satoshi to the XAPO wallet.2016-12-18_232256

2016/12/12 : received this week payout. 58,414 satoshi to the XAPO wallet

2016/12/10 : get a good roll today. win 2,591 satoshi in one roll.

2016/12/04 : received this week payout. 40,044 satoshi

2016/11/07 : Received Confirmed

2016/11/06 : this week payout