Thursday, October 20, 2016

Site Report - RefBit

2016-10-21_003104RefBit was a surf Ads Site , i put it onto the [ Watch List ] , You can Browse the sites every 24 hours. Earn 64 - 700 Satoshi per click. Minimum payout is 12,000 Satoshi. and your Withdrawals will process within 48 hours.

Surf Ads is easy by clicking the site link under the SURF ADVERTISWMENTS. after waiting 10 or more second, answer the captcha click send button. you will get some amount BTC to your Balance.

2016/12/12 : received the payout 12,369 satoshi.

2016/11/20 : Yes! they do send the payout to the FaucetBox.

2016/11/20 : today i want to withdraw. but that was a not good message. say i can't withdraw. because FaucetBox will close. so need change API. but i have a little worry about my balance was become 0. will they send me the payout after they change API?

2016/11/03 : Yes! Balance reach 12,824 satoshi. we ask payout request.

2016/10/20  : Yes! we do received the first payout to the FaucetBox2016-10-20_155626

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