Friday, October 14, 2016

Site Report – JOLTCorp

2016-10-15_091926 was a cloud mining site. that it put it into my [ Watch List ] . They will give you 10 KH for free. so you can begin mining. but don't have confirm mail when you register. it's a little weird. however i registed. and it's seem begin mining. so let's see what will happen later.

There was a Post Warning was a SCAM Site. that you may interesting.

2016/12/03 : today i use the BTC at balance that we mining before. to buy 1 KH, and it begin mining again.

2016/11/15 : it’s stop mining. that mean free mining only can get this much. and withdraw need more than 0.003 BTC. other words, if i don't deposit to buy more mining power then i can't withdraw anything. i guess.2016-11-15_152527

2016/10/24 : Still need several days to reach 0.00054 BTC buy 1 KH/s

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