Monday, October 31, 2016

Site Report - Cow Keeper Coin

2016-11-02_190640 Cow Keeper Coin was a bitcoin game. that in my [ Watch List ] ,

First you have to get the daily bonus. then go to buy a Cow. and then goto food storage, buy food. at begin can only buy 1 hours food. same as at water tank, buy an hours water. the keep back before 1 hours limit. otherwise your cow will be dead. same as mine.

If you came back just ontime. then goto warehouse sell meat and milk. i don't get why you can sell the meat? don't ask. then try to loop again. keep eye on the food and water.

Then upgrade food storage and water tank to save more foods and water. then again the loop.

If you want make high profits product. sausage or  cheese. you need deposit to their address to exchange their cow coin. to buy ingredients at market.

They also set many limit for withdraw. such as you need reach 5000 cow point to withdraw.

So if you want to play it for free. It may take long.

2016/11/28 : great! they have come back. back online again.

2016/11/26 : it’s not very good for these days. can't connect the site. will they back again?

201611/02 : At last Withdrawal success 20000 Satoshi. and received after 10 min.

201611/02 : It’s over 3 days and they still say refunded, please try later.

201611/01 : Still say refunded, please try later. i think they probably scam.

201610/31 : Just as i say, it really take long. form 2106/09/30 to now. finally we reach 5000 cow point. and make payout request. But sadly they say refunded, please try later. I hope it’s was real not scam.