Friday, October 21, 2016

Site Report - MicroMines

2016-11-12_174133 MicroMines is a simple game. i put it into the [ Watch List ] and [ Games List ] . This site with no Introduction and FAQ.

Begin seems you have to claim the Abandoned Mine every 1 hr. to get 200 Satoshi into the upgrade Balance.

use upgrade Balance to upgrade Satoshi Mine or upgrade Abandoned Mine. 1 power of Satoshi Mine need 7,500 Satoshi, and upgrade Abandoned Mine need 225,000 Satoshi. That's mean you need take 1,125 hr. to do this.

Meanwhile your Satoshi Mine will mining 100 Satoshi / day. that you can withdraw or . the minimum withdrawal is 1000 Satoshi. that's mean you can withdrawal after 10 days. I guess.

Any change or action you need reflash the page to see it.

2016/11/30 : my balance change again. you can see the picture. since they don't allow withdraw. then why two days balance is different. maybe just because my satoshi Mine is 2400/day. and i can reach 25000 balance soon. they keep change min withdraw. delay payout. i guess i should not trust them again.

2016/11/29 : today i login and found it already restore the data. 2016-11-29_220821

2016/11/26 : why i feel not good on this site. first my balance is disappear. today they say their user list is corrupted. and need registed again.  and when i login every thing is 0.

2016/11/22 : today my balance has been cut up  form 5300 satoshi to 88 satoshi again. last time i mail them. and they say [ We will look into it, but your balance shouldn't simply, "disappear". No other user is experiencing this problem. ]
but today it's happen again. i don't think they really look into it. i don't know are they scam or just technology problem. i did know that i my balance is change again. so i guess that i can't get any pay again from this site.

2016/11/17 : as you can see from the pic i send. i can get 2000 satoshi per day for now. and i only get payout one time at two week ago. that's 5100 satoshi. how is that possible my balance only left 739 satoshi.

2016/11/17 : unfourture i get no response from them. and today my balance disappear again. this time i lost 6161 satoshi. now i write second mail to them. are they  Intentional or not?

2016/11/14 : see : 2016/11/12 My balance is 5990 , and i try withdraw but it need 20000 satoshi. so i fail to withdraw.

but today i enter my account. my balance change to 180 and i claim once became balance is 1990. and i click withdraw link. that withdraw only need 1000 satoshi.

I already send them a mail ask what happened with my account?

2016/11/12 : after i last time withdraw. they change withdraw limit to 20,000 satoshi.

2016/11/08 : support team response quick and success change the address, then we withdraw and very quick received at FaucetBox.

2016/11/07 : We ask SUPPORT@MICROMINES.COM change to XAPO wallet address. because BlockChain has very high fee.

2016/11/03 :  Today  i noted this message. Winners paid out for the October Referral Contest, all contestants got +1 Abandoned Miner Power! November Referral Contest Begins Today! Adandoned Mine is upgrade to 400 satoshi/hr. 

2016/11/01 : Now we upgrade to Power 4

2016/10/28 : at last we can upgrade again.

2016/10/25 : Now we have decided upgrade Satoshi Mine or wait to upgrade abandoned Mine. i guess upgrade Satoshi Mine is a better idea.

2016/10/24 : After 3days we get more close to upgrade  1 power to Satoshi Mine.

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