Thursday, October 20, 2016

SCAM Site - BitCoinSurf

2016-10-21_100827BitCoinSurf was a Surf Ads Site , which in my [ Watch List ] . This site offer a particular ADs surfing way. you just need click Start Surfing then just leave it along, it will auto running. and waitting 100 site a round.

It about 80-185 Satoshi / Site, Min Withdraw is 0.15 BTC,  So you need about  30 more days to reach this. and I hope they will pay at that times.

After 30 days form 2016/09/21 to 2016/10/21 , we sure BitCoinSurf was a SCAM Site.

Because they will ask you send them 0.05 BTC to check your bitcoin address. of course this must be a lie. No site need to do this to insure your wallet address before they send the payment to you.

So we sure they are scam. and surely don't send them anything.
If you still not sign up. then don'y waste your time on this.


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