Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Site Report - gitcoin

2016-10-25_232616 gitcoin was a special Faucet Site. that in my [ Watch List ]. not like most other Faucet Site depend on banner ads. this site don't have many banner and pop ads. they have another way for live.

you can earn free BTC by clicking "Claim Now" every 5 minutes! and you can completed their surveys to earn BTC. you can easily make 100,000-500,000 Satoshi per survey! they say.

Or you can Watch Twitch Streams For Bitcoin! Activate a 50% bonus for each faucet claim while you're watching a stream!

The min withdraw limlt was 10,000 Satoshi. Normally will reach at 2-3 days. if you claim fast, maybe 1 day will reach that.

and they payout very fast. only take about 15 - 30 min you will received payout. direct to your wallet.

2016/11/08 : Reach woyhdraw limit , and make a payout request , and received.

2016/10/30 : After a little delay (about 50 min) received at wallet. It's a little scare.

2016/10/30 : Reach woyhdraw limit , and make a payout request

2016/10/25 : Withdraw and Received Payout at 10 min

2016/10/24 : Before Received Payout

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