Thursday, October 13, 2016

SCAM Site - was a SCAM Site. I just put it to my [ WATCH List ].

They say wehn you reach the Min limit Cashout : 6,000 satoshis. They will pay you on Saturday and Sunday.

and it's not very difficuent to reach that. and you also can see the cashout history. that showing pending. it's ok. many site also need times to process the cashout. then after many days the cashout history. showing Complete state. 

Normally you wan't check it again. but in the second time. i noteic the payment seem not received. because there is no any record showing this two payment has been received at my XAPO wallet.

and i check the account find the cashout history. cilck the [check it] link. i find this link was a short URL Link and point to XAPO's Register page. even this was a scam!

I check the received list several times. still can't find the payment record. So i am very sure they are cheating me.

Their FAQ Say

When can I cashout?


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