Friday, October 28, 2016

That's we call time is money.

CAPO-Faucet-ListThat's we call time is money. If you can Claim more fast then you can get more free bitcoin.

Day after day we wake up. seem every day was the same. actually every day was different. they change every days.

google adsense suspended faucet site account. Faucetbox payout became more longer time. some ads site was dead.

I wanted Maybe oneday we wake up. there will no longer exist free bitcoin.

Anyway This two List is begin from i used to quick claim these Faucet site


Daily ReNew XAPO Faucet List

Daily ReNew FaucetBox List

and i keep it not too much site on this list. just about 10-15 min can finish around. but very slow computer maybe need 20 more min. if you have time you can claim many round a day.

These Site will change rule sometimes, or out of fund, don't remove them from the list, unless they cannot connect, or wait several days still not work. otherwise they will back soon.

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