Friday, October 21, 2016

Site Report - CryptorBit

2016-10-21_174936CryptorBit was a Cloud Mining Site. New add into my [ Watch List ], This site will give you 1500 dogecoin for free. and transform to level 1 power. then you can begin mining. that you can choose three type currencies bitcoin, dogecoin or litecoin. and you can upgrade the power by exchange those your mining.

According to the message showing on the panel. no matter which one you mining. you could upgrade first time in 48 hr. and then more quick next time. every time you upgrade the power you can see the mining speed is incread.

Their Minimum withdrawal amount is: Bitcoin 0.001, Litecoin 0.1, Dogecoin 1500. And all operations cashouts are instantly. They say. In case of problems in the payment system output can take up to 48 hours.

Sounds good, So let us wait untial reach the Minimum withdrawal amount. if you are insteresting . Why don't join me to test this site. Are they scam or not?

2016/11/01 : Upgrade Power is slow, that mean withdraw still need 75 days.

2016/10/24 : Upgrade Power by DogeCoin, if you have times. maybe it’s was a good choose.

2016/10/24 : Change to mining DogeCoin , in day times can upgrade power every  1-2 hr.

2016/10/24 : Yes it’s 24 hr. again. we exchange mining to increase power.

2016/10/23 : Exchange last 24 hr. that amount we mining. to upgrade the power. we still in the increased power period. Because of withdrawal Minimum withdrawal amount is Bitcoin 0.001. we need more power to make it quick.

2016/10/21 : I do the first time exchange to upgrade the power. and increased a little speed.

This Site is in Watch List.

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