Sunday, October 30, 2016

Site Report – MultiMine

2016-10-31_003541 MultiMine was a cloud mining site. that in my [ Watch List ]. When you regeisted and login, you will get a Miner called [ Starter Miner A ]. and it can mining 0.00005000 BTC/day. but it Max. Capacity is 0.00002500 BTC,

That mean you have claim before reach the Capacity limit. Otherwise your Miner will stop mining. This Miner will Expiry after 90 Days. that time you need purchase a new Miner to Mining again.

There have many type Miner you can choose. But you need calculate the profit and how many time you want spend.

Their note:

September 24, 2016: We have reduced the withdraw fee from 0.001 down to 0.0005. And we have also reduced the minimum withdraw amount from 0.005 down to 0.001. This will enable all users to reach payment faster.

2016/10/30 : At last we reach the withdraw limit. and make a payout request. Unexpected the receive is very fast. about 1 min.

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