Sunday, October 23, 2016

Site Report - AdBit

2016-10-28_110233 AdBit was a web Ads site + Faucet, that i put it into [ Watch list ] and [ Tools List ], you can become a publisher use your website to monetize. also can make advertisement for your website.

This site also have a Faucet can earn from 250 up to 4,000 satoshis every 60 minutes! 

Actually sometimes will only 150 satoshis, but most of the times is 500 or 2,000 satoshis. I have not see 4000  satoshis for now.

and this site Minimum withdrawal amount is 250,000 satoshis.
also need plus 20,000 satoshis fee. that will be 270,000 satoshis.

2016/11/21 : get the second times payout. 252,366 satoshi.

2016/11/01 : Bad news, today their Faucet no longer for withdraw. can only use on Ad credit.
Here’s Their message:
Faucet Users: Claiming payments on the faucet now instead gives you Ad Credit, which can only be spent on advertisements. Thank you for your understanding.

2016/10/28 : 2000 satoshis, luck for these days.


2016/10/28 : Thank god! Withdraw success and received at coinbase right away

2016/10/28 : More close. Today faucet will skip when it at 60 min. won't give any Satoshi. it's a bad signs. they seems try to dealy me.

2016/10/27 : We are getting close now. number is luck. but we don’y know if we luck?

2016/10/26 : But withdraw was fail. seems we need add withdraw fee 20,000 Satoshi. So i guess we have to try it after 2 more days.
At Their FAQ: The minimum withdrawal amount from you adbit account is BTC 0.0025. This seems to be reasonable because our accounts are designed to receive funds for ad campaigns (advertiser) or from ad campaigns (publisher).

The transaction fees for withdrawals is BTC 0.00025 per transaction. So you need to have at least 0.00275 on your account to make withdrawals.

2016/10/26 : Well at last we seem reach the limit. now try to Withdraw it.

2016/10/25 : We are getting close. hope they won't disappoint us.

2016/10/23 : And now we are close this. iI guess very soon we will findout that AdBit was SCAM or Not?


2016/10/04 : I put some ads on my website and become running.

2016/10/23 :

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