Monday, October 24, 2016

Site Report - MinerGate

2016-10-24_211135 MinerGate was a mining site. that i put into my [ Watch List ]. Well! talking about the bitcoin. What kind of image do you have? For me mining is my first Images!  You can download the software from this site and install in your computer. Then begin mining by your computer. You can mining many kind Currency you want.

Because my computer is not fast enough. And i need do sevral things in the same time. so i choose the Web mining. Web mining can only mining low difficulty Currency. but it's good to me.

Since i need open computer to do my work. So i choose mining Bytecoin. because it mining more quick and low withdraw fee.  i can open a browser to mining. and do other things. it's take about 3-4 days(not all day mining) easy to reach the withdraw limit : 100 BCN.

Maybe this site can do more things. but it need you to findout..

2016/10/27 : After 5 min, confirm mail was received. and account show the amount.

2016/10/27 : Withdraw BCN then send to EOBOT, It’s getting harder to mining BCN.
We need get the EOBOT’s BCN Address
Then make an Withdraw
Now all we have to do is wait…

2016/10/24 : Keep Mining

2016/10/17 : Mining again

2016/10/16 : received by Eobot

2016/10/16 : Withdraw and send to Eobot

2016/10/11 : Keep mining

2016/10/05 : Begin mining

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