Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Site Report – Wild Bitcoin

2016-12-01_142635 Wild Bitcoin was a free bitcoin faucet site. that in the [ Bitcoin Faucet Site Watchlist ]. it has something special then other faucet site. first you can set claim rate. form 12 satoshi / 5 min , 20 satoshi / 10 min, 44 satoshi / 30 min, 70 satoshi / 60 min.

second is every day they will give 10% of your balance as a bonus. so bonus is depend on how much you left in your balance.

since you need at lest 30,000 satioshi to withdraw. so it will be more then more and day by day. it's not bad, if they really pay in that day, i guess. for now we need wait until that time.

2016/11/30 : Claim a day get 1218 satoshi to the balance and get 80 satoshi bonus.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Site Report - EXAHD

2016-12-02_092815 EXAHD was a simple free bitcoin faucet site, that in the [ Bitcoin Faucet Site Watchlist ]. it's only a little square. showing a time counter and some AD banner. not many function, only collect and withdraw.

you can collect 492 satoshi per hour. it's fixed. and you can withdraw your balance at 22,000 satoshi.message show it's instant payout.

2016/01/02 : waitting more then 48 hr. so we can sure it’s another [ too good to be true ]. an Eternal Pending scam.

2016/11/29 : after 3 days, first time we reach the minimum withdrawal. and ask for the cash out. message show we need wait 48 hours. so now we wait.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Site Report – adBTC

2016-11-29_120432 adBTC was a Bitcoin PTC Site. that in the [ Surf Ads (PTC) Site Watchlist ]. it was a quite simple site. you just go to click earn link. then they will show you how many ads and how much amount satoshi you can earn.

click the start button.then they will open a new page to show the Ads site. then you can click back adBTC Page to see the counter. after the counter goes to zero. then you can close the ads page. that it you will get the satoshi to your balance.

2016/12/11 : today it’s change back to Instant payment. send 4,136 satoshi to ePay.

Site Report – BitcoFarm

2016-11-29_094127 BitcoFarm was a bitcoin farm game. that in [ bitcoin games watchlist ]. it's not a complex game that you have view Ads to earn point. and transform point to purchase balance. then try to use this purchase balance to buy a chicken. then collect the egg for sale to earn bitcoin.

you need upgrade account to buy another high level chicken or cow.

they will give new registrant a chicken. so you can get one egg. then this gif chicken will be delete. sell this egg you can get 100,000 satoshi. but you need 200,000 satoshi to cashout. so you have to buy a new chicken. or depend on every day click Ads to get about 4,000 satoshi to reach the minim amount.

2016/11/29 : conver point to purchase balance.

2016/11/29 : first gif chicken.

2016/11/29 : view Ads

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Site Report - GetYourBitcoin

2016-11-28_114934 GetYourBitcoin was a simple bitcoin faucet site. that in the [ faucet site watchlist ]. you have to register it by wallet address. you can claim it every 5 minute. each time can get 50 -200 satoshi. there also add 10% to daily bonus.

there has no minim withdraw limit. you can withdraw any time. even balance only have 50 satoshi. instant to FaucetBox(now also can send to ePay).

2016/12/17 : collect 6 days and cash out 10,360 satoshi today. send to the ePay.

2016/12/10 : cash out 8480 satoshi today. send to the ePay.

2016/12/05 : today's cash out.

2016/11/30 : New payout to the ePay, received 3335 satoshi.

2016/11/28 : New payout to the ePay, received 5,605 satoshi. total received 88,255 satoshi

2016/11/02 : received 2,350 satoshi to the FaucetBox.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Site Report - MiningSmart

2016-11-26_171859 MiningSmart was a bitcoin cloud mining site. that in my [ Miner site watchlist ]. this site was offered free 15KH/s for the bonus for registration. so you can begin mining after you registered. it's about 5118 satoshi per day. if you want more you have to buy.

they also have a faucet like EOBOT. it's about 1340 satoshi per day. you can add to your balance.

you will have two accounts, main account and the account of production in real time. Every 24 hours server time mined cryptocurrency will be moved from the production account to the main account.

and miniman withdraw is 500,000 satoshi. since free 15KH/s only can work one month. generace 153,540 satoshi and faucet can get 40,200 satoshi. so if you are free miner. you will not reach this limit in 30 days. unless you will depend on the faucet to reach it.

Friday, November 25, 2016


2016-11-26_115512 COINGAINGURU was a free bitcoin faucet site. that in my [ Faucet site watchlist ]. it’s a very simple site.

you Claim 100-200 Satoshi every hour. and each time they will  increasing Rewards( +1 satoshi i guess) at every claim. and you can Instant withdrawal to XAPO. so no need to wait and worry the balance.

2016/12/11 : withdraw 6,103 satoshi to XAPO wallet

2016/12/07 : withdraw 2,245 satoshi to XAPO wallet

2016/12/03 : withdraw 3,131 satoshi to XAPO wallet

2016/12/01 : withdraw 1,678 satoshi to XAPO wallet

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Site Report - PokeBits

2016-11-19_164650 PokeBits was a free bitcoin games site. that in my [ games watchlist ].

the first Bitcoin Pokemon RPG game, they say. first they will let you choose a free pokemon be your first partner. you can name it. and trainning it. there have battle arena let you train pokemon or let them fight.

you can also send your pokemon to quest the world. they need finish some mission and bring back some satoshi.

you have also a 1 level pokemon shop can collect 240 satoshi per day. if you more you can upgrade this pokemon shop by deposit satoshi.

you can buy many kind pokemon from Poke Mart. also can sell those you already trainning pokemon at marketplace.

if you send message on the left upper chat room. will deducts 5 credits move into the rain pool. and rain on 50 lucky user every 1 hr.

if you are not that much hurry to collect BTC. it will be a pretty good game. i think. but if you do. then it will be take long. because the withdraw limit is 50,000 satoshi Minimum.

2016/11/25 : Free Pokemon get from quest.

2016/11/20 : first time open challenge Request, and lose the battle.

Site Repoet – Coin Drip

2016-11-19_164730 Coin Drip was a free bitcoin faucet + simple games site. that in my [ faucet watchlist ] and [ games watchlist ].

well! it offer a faucet that you can claim 500 satoshi in every 2 hr. and a Roll Dice game you can roll a dice every 1 hr test your luck. you may get payout from 25 to 2,500,000 satoshi.

if you feel you are luck. you can also play Hi-Lo Dice. just like [ BitSler ] another famous dice game. but this time you can get more Bet from their faucet.

if you don't like dice. you can play an very old game, Satoshi Snake. it's easy control by keyboard. every block you eat is 1 satoshi. you can try your skill.

one thing is not very good of this site. that is withdraw limit. you need more then 250,000 satoshi to withdraw. so it will take time to prove they will pay.

2016/11/25 : it’s still need more time.

2016/11/19 : test Hi-Lo Dice. bet 100 satoshi. and win 110 satoshi.

2016/11/19 : test Satoshi Snake get 9 satoshi.

2016/11/19 : roll a dice get a 25 satoshi.

2016/11/19 : from faucet get first 500 satoshi.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Site Report – FlatCoin

2016-11-19_104809 FlatCoin was a bitcoin faucet site. it was a scam site. i put it into my [ Faucet Watchlist ]. first time i touch this site. i like it's color. but when i begin claim. my first click on the coin pic. i get 3000 satoshi. that time i feel it's not right. it's too good to be true. after i click all coin pic. i get 3545 satoshi in this round.

next, i just search the google. well a list of scam report of this site was show up. yes, it was another scam site. so keep away from this site. they won't pay.