Saturday, November 19, 2016

Site Report - PokeBits

2016-11-19_164650 PokeBits was a free bitcoin games site. that in my [ games watchlist ].

the first Bitcoin Pokemon RPG game, they say. first they will let you choose a free pokemon be your first partner. you can name it. and trainning it. there have battle arena let you train pokemon or let them fight.

you can also send your pokemon to quest the world. they need finish some mission and bring back some satoshi.

you have also a 1 level pokemon shop can collect 240 satoshi per day. if you more you can upgrade this pokemon shop by deposit satoshi.

you can buy many kind pokemon from Poke Mart. also can sell those you already trainning pokemon at marketplace.

if you send message on the left upper chat room. will deducts 5 credits move into the rain pool. and rain on 50 lucky user every 1 hr.

if you are not that much hurry to collect BTC. it will be a pretty good game. i think. but if you do. then it will be take long. because the withdraw limit is 50,000 satoshi Minimum.

2016/11/25 : Free Pokemon get from quest.

2016/11/20 : first time open challenge Request, and lose the battle.

2016/11/17 : first time simulate battle and win.

2016/11/17 : trainning my pokemon first time.

2016/11/17 : claim first time to open the shop. begin generated 5 satoshi!

2016/11/17 : they give first pokemon.

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