Saturday, November 26, 2016

Site Report - MiningSmart

2016-11-26_171859 MiningSmart was a bitcoin cloud mining site. that in my [ Miner site watchlist ]. this site was offered free 15KH/s for the bonus for registration. so you can begin mining after you registered. it's about 5118 satoshi per day. if you want more you have to buy.

they also have a faucet like EOBOT. it's about 1340 satoshi per day. you can add to your balance.

you will have two accounts, main account and the account of production in real time. Every 24 hours server time mined cryptocurrency will be moved from the production account to the main account.

and miniman withdraw is 500,000 satoshi. since free 15KH/s only can work one month. generace 153,540 satoshi and faucet can get 40,200 satoshi. so if you are free miner. you will not reach this limit in 30 days. unless you will depend on the faucet to reach it.

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