Friday, November 11, 2016

Site Report - CreatingProfit

2016-11-14_000430 CreatingProfit was a HYIP site. that in my [ Watch List ].

as usually we cannot find out many thing from public page. sometime we have to register to looking detail message.

have official confirm mail when you register, received your deposit etc., seems they are seriously. some hyip site don't even have this.

they indicate real business is investing in securities of small companies in Japan. and stock exchange - is a highly profitable segment of the market of investments. but we hard to verification.

we can only decide by these list of plan.

Before you go something you need to know : 

1.HYIP is High Yield Investment Program which was very High Risk. Need very carefully and don't spend too much on it.

2.All my deposit is from my two free faucet list. XAPO List andFaucetBox List. So beware yourself.


This site has 4 plan:

1. Compounding 15% hourly
    Release deposit after 7 hr
    $1 – $1000

2. Compounding 45% hourly
    Release deposit after 3 hr
    $30 – $3000

3. Compounding 50% hourly
    Deposit included
    $50 – $5000

4. Compounding 85% hourly
    Deposit included
    $100 – $10000

2016/11/13 : already scam? so quick only running one day. BTC drop too fast. from $720 down to $697 in 24hr. i guess that’s the reason.

2016/11/12 : after 7 hr received payout.

2016/11/12 : begin running, deposit $1 (0.00014 BTC)

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