Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Site Report - EXAHD

2016-12-02_092815 EXAHD was a simple free bitcoin faucet site, that in the [ Bitcoin Faucet Site Watchlist ]. it's only a little square. showing a time counter and some AD banner. not many function, only collect and withdraw.

you can collect 492 satoshi per hour. it's fixed. and you can withdraw your balance at 22,000 satoshi.message show it's instant payout.

2016/01/02 : waitting more then 48 hr. so we can sure it’s another [ too good to be true ]. an Eternal Pending scam.

2016/11/29 : after 3 days, first time we reach the minimum withdrawal. and ask for the cash out. message show we need wait 48 hours. so now we wait.

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