Monday, November 14, 2016

Site Report - BitSler

2016-12-04_111357 BitSler was a bitcoin game site. that in my [ Watch List ]. roll dice, muclicolor, blackace, carzy cruz. easy and of couse that you can play for free.

They will give you free 300 satoshi ( level 2 will be 1250 satoshi and level 3 1500 satoshi more high level can get more.. ), to begin the game. So you don't need spend any money. if you lose all the 300 satoshi, they will give you another 300 satoshi, so! just have fun! but if you really luck to win until 120,000 satoshi, because there are 20,000 fee you need add. at that times, you can withdraw the real BTC.

This game really need luck and little skill. especially when you use auto mode. I guess if use auto mode usually lost at the end. I find in many post talking a strategy about when you first time you get the 300 satoshi. You can change the win rate to 48%. and put all the 300 satoshi. usually you have 50 % chance to win. 300 satoshi will become 618 satoshi. that will be a good start. more strategy will talk about at the end of this post..

2016/12/22 : BitSler is funny and need luck. but you still need some trick. like use this setting to gain your level up to get 1250 satoshi every time.this setting some time can running all day.

2016/12/04 : it’s work! today we success cashout. 110,166 satoshi.

2016/11/23 : if you are level 2 then there have some strategy can be used. such as you can  betting 1250 satoshi at 88.3929x (1.12% win chance). or set like the pic.

2016/11/15 :  i use the strategy that below the post. take 2 days make my level promoted.

2016/09/09 : first time get the 300 satoshi

Some strategy that i have tried.

first the most popular saying on the internet. that is you can do a bet loop. begin is 60% then 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, stop a while. then back 60% loop again.
i have test it and find this loop indeed work. not 100% but 70% will work each loop.

but this loop still need luck. and try hard. to reach 120,000 satoshi. so that i think want success maybe you need shorten the loop.

such as Improve your level to get more satoshi at beginning.

you can do this. change the win rate to 48%. and bet all amount satoshi. you have change to win more then double amount your satoshi.

then setting auto bet like this.

then keep your brower running. they can keep very long bet period. and increase your XP ( equal your bet total ). you just need take 1-2 hr/ day or when you Surf on line. about 3-5 days. make you level promoted.

then back to the loop strategy. and wish you luck..

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