Thursday, November 10, 2016

Site Report - Rosleon

2016-11-12_141320 Rosleen was a double bitcoin hyip site. that i put into the [ Watch List ]. i guess it was very high risk site. because they only need 10,000 satoshi can join the plan. no withdraw limit and no any fee request.

no need to regiested. they say they will automate send payout to your wallet. it's seem like old style. too good to be true.

except Investnents info there is not thing more on this website.

I send 10,000 satoshi to this plan for this report. so soon we will findout are it scam or not.

2016/11/11 : just like what i think. can't connect now…

2106/11/11 : some one has post they had received payout. so we change website state to waitting.

2016/11/11 : send 10,000 satoshi to this plan

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