Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Site Report – Wild Bitcoin

2016-12-01_142635 Wild Bitcoin was a free bitcoin faucet site. that in the [ Bitcoin Faucet Site Watchlist ]. it has something special then other faucet site. first you can set claim rate. form 12 satoshi / 5 min , 20 satoshi / 10 min, 44 satoshi / 30 min, 70 satoshi / 60 min.

second is every day they will give 10% of your balance as a bonus. so bonus is depend on how much you left in your balance.

since you need at lest 30,000 satioshi to withdraw. so it will be more then more and day by day. it's not bad, if they really pay in that day, i guess. for now we need wait until that time.

2016/11/30 : Claim a day get 1218 satoshi to the balance and get 80 satoshi bonus.

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