Monday, November 28, 2016

Site Report – BitcoFarm

2016-11-29_094127 BitcoFarm was a bitcoin farm game. that in [ bitcoin games watchlist ]. it's not a complex game that you have view Ads to earn point. and transform point to purchase balance. then try to use this purchase balance to buy a chicken. then collect the egg for sale to earn bitcoin.

you need upgrade account to buy another high level chicken or cow.

they will give new registrant a chicken. so you can get one egg. then this gif chicken will be delete. sell this egg you can get 100,000 satoshi. but you need 200,000 satoshi to cashout. so you have to buy a new chicken. or depend on every day click Ads to get about 4,000 satoshi to reach the minim amount.

2016/11/29 : conver point to purchase balance.

2016/11/29 : first gif chicken.

2016/11/29 : view Ads

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