Thursday, November 3, 2016

Site Report – Magic Balls

2016-11-29_235912 Magic Balls is a bingo-like game site. that i put into [ Watch List ], it was a very simple site. every 10 min you can get a free tickets. one tickets can play 3 times. once you have ticket you can enter the game. you can pick 12 number from up list. or use random button to choose. by which number matchs, you can get reward from 10 point to 1000 point, if you luck enough get 6 number matches, you can take all jackpot point.

Every week if you get more then 10,000 satoshi. they send you automatic (monday to wednesday). actually i only see the point but no any other information. is that mean th point number is equal to satoshi? I guess we will findout soon.

2016/11/29 : lucky match 4 balls.

2016/11/28 : after 2 weeks, today i received the payout. 10,222 satoshi.

2016/11/10 : today we reach 10,000 point, will they pay us?

2016/11/09 : thire time get 4 number matches.

2016/11/04 : second time get 4 number matches.

2016/11/04 : first time get 4 number matches.

2016/11/03 : Get the free Tickets

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