Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Division Dark Zone Gameplay Trailer

Please Subscribe me and like and Comment to help this channel The Division Dark Zone GamePlay Trailer The Dark Zone is a walled-off quarantine zone a large untamed region in the heart of Manhattan, quarantined from the rest of the already-quarantined borough. with the goal to stop the contagion of the once as flu suspected virus. Linked seamlessly with the rest of the game it is the place for PvP-fights and at the same time contains the most powerful and rarest loot in The Division. This "no man's land" is filled with countless bodies, some of the most ruthless and dangerous enemies in the city, and lots of abandoned hardware and gear left behind by the authorities who couldn't maintain control. When the pandemic hit, the authorities gathered the sick in this area. They brought in the best scientists and the most cutting-edge medical equipment to try to contain the virus and look for a cure. But soon the government recognized that their measures were no longer enough. Only those Division agents courageous enough and well-equipped enough should consider braving the region to recover the equipment still inside, assuming they don't run into any of those who have disavowed the Division.

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