Thursday, September 15, 2016

Free Bitcoin Games - BitSler

BitSler : Easy and Free , They will give you free 300 satoshi, to begin the game. So you don't need spend any money. if you lose all the 300 satoshi, they will give you another 300 satoshi, so! just have fun! but if you really luck to win until 11,000 satoshi, that times, you can withdraw the real BTC.

This game really need luck. especially when you use auto mode. I guess if use auto mode usually lost at the end. I find in first time you get the 300 satoshi. You can change the win rate to 48%. and put all the 300 satoshi. usually you have 50 % chance to win. 300 satoshi will become 618 satoshi.

Good luck and have fun. BitSler

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