Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dogecoin Faucet List

Dogecoin Faucet List renew 2016/0915
It's may be good idea for the beginner to have another digital currency. it maybe low price than bitcoin. but will have chance to change. and you can use it to practice how to exchange them. these digital currency can also easy get for free now. Dogecoin(DOGE) and Litecoin(LTC) can be exchange with bitcoin. or exchange back to USD etc.

So try to get some Dogecoin(DOGE) now. Maybe someday you will find it worth.

Yes5m2 DogecoinForDogeCoin2.000.000.00
Yes5m2 DogecoinCariDogeCoin2.000.000.00
Yes5m2 DogecoinHotDogeCoin2.000.000.00
Yes30m1.7 DogecoinClickNonStop1.700.000.00
Yes60m1 -15 DogecoinTop22001.000.000.00
Yes60m2-6 DogecoinCoinDog2.000.000.00
Yes60m2-15 DogecoinBezzon2.000.000.00
Yes60m3-777 Dogecoin777DogeCoin3.000.000.00
Yes60m2-100 DogecoinCryptoCave2.000.000.00
Yes60m3-20 DogecoinOriginal Jack3.000.000.00
Yes120m2-5 DogecoinPortsmouthCrypto2.000.000.00
Yes180m2 DogecoinWin Bitcoin2.000.000.00
Yes180n3-20 DogecoinBatistaCoin3.000.000.00