Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Audi Commercial T-Rex The Comeback

Audi Commercial T-Rex The Comeback Our morning commute doesn’t usually afford the sight of a Tyrannosaurus rex cruising along the highway in an Audi RS 7 concept. But when you watch the video, it soon becomes obvious that the protagonist cast in this role isn’t meant to be taken completely seriously. The ferocious T. rex that unleashed mayhem and terror among its contemporaries is now, in the digital age, experiencing devastation itself as the subject of social media mockery by humans. Tyrannosaurus vs. the Twittersphere — even this fierce predator’s skin proved too thin to withstand nonchalant cyberbullying. In the video, the reptile shows that his tough exterior conceals a sensitive side. But the anxieties and crises he experiences are averted — thanks to Audi piloted driving.

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